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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

my dirty little secret

it's been a tough week..suddenly i just donno what to write..lord have mercy in me.. anyway, im in my holiday for this whole 3 weeks..isn't it fantastic to hear for! any guess what i've done for past 3 days of my holiday, im just doing plain thing such as couch potatoes in front of televisyen and keep watching on AXN, E NEWS, surfing and browsing on and on again......owh shit! how am i become like this..and guess what? there's a lot for me to worries this time, i've got no $$$ in my pocket right now..sound insane haha..serious shit, i just realize i did spend them all for last few days..now.im just chilling at home, stalked at you guys wonderful blogs... to clear my mind.. its kinda 'shopaholic' movies anyway (it is hapened to me) this is madness, i never been like this before, never got no money in my purse..its a big deal! some more, next week i need to get on a plane for my phuket trip! hahahh now i am totaly madness and insane huh..too bad! i still figure out, wether to withdraw it from my 'emergency saving' or not! arghhh why am i wrote this kinda thing....but then, who knows..if there any suggestion for me from u guys who reading my blog anyway..and i will thank you all for do so..owhh by the way, im selling my shoes as u can see..the shoes in snake print never been worn lol..i still donno why i bought them...ermmmm perhaps i just been infulence by the picture in the magazine....lol
alright cut it out..next, my mind is blew already for so many social networking nowadays.. such as tumblr, twitter, looklet,chictopia,lookbook...hahah and im already begin to spend my days in front of my lappy (for the rest of my spare time) do u think im crazy? as a matter of fact im full with this lappy crazyness..(i know u might as well dont get my point,but just leave it that way then) i spend the most of my time by twittering, facebooking, blogging, stalking anyone blog, (its not a crime right) i joined more and more... but is this illegal? it just me, i felt like i neglect my real routine..is there anyone feel the same?
its okay then, now i wanna browse my bloglovin, keep track for update..i wanna create my new looklet ;) and stalked at someone fashion blog...
anyhow, like u guys out there, i do have my own dream..i know right now i dont have enough money to get me 'globe trotted' perhaps one day i can have a chance to make it..as for the time being, i just can look the city i wanna been into thru my lovely lappy..
till then, xoxo ;)
owh not to mention..i did 'copy' this picture from someone blog..owh i forgot already what her blog name, but its ok, thanks for her to have this lovely picture..this picture kinda show some culture attire..and someday i like to go to this country where their people really wear this kinda outfit..yes,thats my dream, and i hope i really do i will get there someday ;)
owh for god sake all of sudden i can remember her blog name : IM TOO SEXY FOR TSHIRT

and not to mention, i kinda inspired by this pictures as well, i got them from someone blog too, i like this pictures so much and i put them in my blog as my inspiration..

after looking and staring at this pictures, i keep wondering........when will i can get this skinny lovely body in me?

spot my favourite leopardos!!! one of a kind haha i like!

by the way, here's my favourite picture of the day, i found it in lookbook, this girl wearing the sky high wedges in leopard printed!!! who doesn't love this.....

and not to mention, im obses with this platform pumps wearing by alessandra ambrosio

i guess thats all for now..chiaoow while im on my journey to stalked another gorgeous picture, and when i found it im sure enough will post it in here.. ;)

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  1. Uhhh..you have such a cute blog. I love these pics and I want those leopard crazy printed shoes.
    Lol SnackaPeek