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Sunday, August 22, 2010

brighter than sunshine

what a feeling...look in the sky love burn brighter than sunshine..
random photos of me...there were something about me and these boots..i heart is so much..i would wear them again and again..feel like confident booster or sort of ;)

mango skinny jeans,
leopard top- cotton on,
grey blazer,
charles & keith-shoulder bag

Saturday, August 21, 2010


the picture was taken on 19th august 2010, after iftar(break-fasting) at somewhere in our local place ;)
as u can see here, "colour-me-bad" lmao =D wearing those vintage blouse which belong to my mom..heheh, kinda like this blouse, sort of both cozzy and comfy yet the colour really captivated..and i feel like i wanna pair it with those neon green ala yellow-ish stiletoe..isn't this cool? i donno..lol..perhaps it just me who feel this is cool combo ;)
but its okay..
anyway, end up break-fasting with seafood in that day..yummy ;)
by the way, today is our 12th day for puasa(fasting) 12th ramadhan..and yet, i don't prepare for anything right now...not sooner or later we will celebrating our eid mubarak (hari raya aidil fitri) can't barely wait for syawal..
till then, i'll write u soon..
p/s: please let me know if u like this kinda outfit ;)

vintage blouse-by my mom
black skinny jeans-mng
tan bag-mulbery
neon green-yellow stiletoe

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

nude wedges.... ;)

this is the wedges i bought recently ;) and i feel wonderfull wearing them..kinda like the colour..nude and pastel..this is one of a kind in my collection i never owned wedges or stiletoe in this nude colour tho..and i just regularly wore them now..funny tho

Friday, August 13, 2010

my inspiration of today

well i donno much, it just that i like her style a lot and of course her hair!!!
one of my favourite shoes design, but still cannot afford it yet...too bad :(
yeah,again..its her hair!! and accecories fascinated me as well
eyes on the shoes...and H-A-I-R ;)

totaly glam! with those red long jacket! and her hair...amazing! how i really wish i can pull this hair off.....but it seems that,people will called me for i am crazyness person here..
well, last but not least........blogger and fashionista icon..one of my favourite and never missed out...caroline ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

behind this pink wall

topshop skiny jeans
tan mulbery
tan shoes
floral top
accecories that i bought at phuket

this pic was taken a weeks ago.. while this week we muslim already begin to fasting in the daylight.. ;) welcoming ramadhan...

Friday, August 6, 2010

sometimes i feel like i'm stuck in some style

mulbery alexa chung bag
stripe top- cotton on
inner top-cotton on-black
drawstring blue pants*which i've been wore regularly and constantly..my bad :p

im best at POKER FACES lol

i remember this photos was taken last week, gonna get free and movie night..well seems like nothing much i can do in my local place rather than going for movie, nope..i don't like to clubbing..nowadays..yeah i'm a boring type lately..not that i never been,just i don't do that any further..'coz i'm not used to stay up late anymore lol and i just can't stand the bad air in the club..and don't wanna end up sleep with my hair smell like teen spirits hahahaaa...if i wanna meet up and get along with my buddys, probably i prefer to go to music cafe or just anywhere but not club ;) yeah,that's a boring type in me..ok 'finished' with this part

maybe or maybe not..
i used to stuck to one style at a time...and i don't know why..
when i saw the break of day, i wished that i could fly away...*mumbling and humming
those bag (mulberry) i used and bring and wear and so on regularly these days...my fav right in this moment..
okeh i should stop typing :p
in spite of that, during my writing..there's somebody who closed to me, was calling me, 'aduan rakyat' it seems that i can't help a lot in this case, what i can do is to be a good listener, perhaps later i'll try to have a talk to 'people who concern'..hopefully this disaste can be solve ;)
well cut it out..
P/S: gonna check some inspiring blog outhere... ;)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

another day, same floral jumpsuit, another vest ;),same hi-waist shorts

wearing the same high waisted pants

my favourite bags, mulbery ;) as u can see im carrying this bag regularly...

perhaps you guys already seen me in these jumpsuit, i try to wear them with my new denim vest, which i bought in street market back in phuket thailand last june..and wearing it for the first time ;)
outing with hubby for dinner and movie night out