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Friday, August 6, 2010

sometimes i feel like i'm stuck in some style

mulbery alexa chung bag
stripe top- cotton on
inner top-cotton on-black
drawstring blue pants*which i've been wore regularly and constantly..my bad :p

im best at POKER FACES lol

i remember this photos was taken last week, gonna get free and movie night..well seems like nothing much i can do in my local place rather than going for movie, nope..i don't like to clubbing..nowadays..yeah i'm a boring type lately..not that i never been,just i don't do that any further..'coz i'm not used to stay up late anymore lol and i just can't stand the bad air in the club..and don't wanna end up sleep with my hair smell like teen spirits hahahaaa...if i wanna meet up and get along with my buddys, probably i prefer to go to music cafe or just anywhere but not club ;) yeah,that's a boring type in me..ok 'finished' with this part

maybe or maybe not..
i used to stuck to one style at a time...and i don't know why..
when i saw the break of day, i wished that i could fly away...*mumbling and humming
those bag (mulberry) i used and bring and wear and so on regularly these days...my fav right in this moment..
okeh i should stop typing :p
in spite of that, during my writing..there's somebody who closed to me, was calling me, 'aduan rakyat' it seems that i can't help a lot in this case, what i can do is to be a good listener, perhaps later i'll try to have a talk to 'people who concern'..hopefully this disaste can be solve ;)
well cut it out..
P/S: gonna check some inspiring blog outhere... ;)


  1. aunty amy mun mek mintak tolong kitak beli dat bag for me boleh kah....claim duit dari bapak mek time raya hahaha....mek sukaaaa beg ya! i found one in melbourne tapi AUD100=rm300!!! so i prefer the one in petaling street...hihi bena tok...mek mok beg yaaa :(((((((

  2. I love your blog.


  3. So lovely :)))


  4. Lovely outfit;))
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