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Saturday, August 21, 2010


the picture was taken on 19th august 2010, after iftar(break-fasting) at somewhere in our local place ;)
as u can see here, "colour-me-bad" lmao =D wearing those vintage blouse which belong to my mom..heheh, kinda like this blouse, sort of both cozzy and comfy yet the colour really captivated..and i feel like i wanna pair it with those neon green ala yellow-ish stiletoe..isn't this cool? i donno..lol..perhaps it just me who feel this is cool combo ;)
but its okay..
anyway, end up break-fasting with seafood in that day..yummy ;)
by the way, today is our 12th day for puasa(fasting) 12th ramadhan..and yet, i don't prepare for anything right now...not sooner or later we will celebrating our eid mubarak (hari raya aidil fitri) can't barely wait for syawal..
till then, i'll write u soon..
p/s: please let me know if u like this kinda outfit ;)

vintage blouse-by my mom
black skinny jeans-mng
tan bag-mulbery
neon green-yellow stiletoe


  1. aih auntie amyyyy kacak alu jak blouse ya!! aihh tok polah mek mok shopping tok hahahaha mek rasa kitak pakey camtok kacak auntie amy! matured and styleee keep it up!

  2. the blouse sure is very comfortable...nice combo lah...mun ktk x k bag ya for that outfit, maybe best gik...but i heart the bag..hehe...
    i like your sense of style..u create ur own style..keep it up ^_^