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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

another day..we leave our youth behind

i just can't stop BB-ing... bla bla bla :p

smile for your camwhoring+fashion = fashion blogger.. (considered that way then) lol

i wish i could stay forever young....

i donno why i keep captured this picture from behind..i guess this camera-woman considered it is art perhaps ;)

as u can see her smile as broad as..i donno what to say
details: leather tights-random shopping online boutique
neon green stilettoe-online boutique (as i called this 'my fake marni' lol)
vintage camel bag

'run don't walk in those heels'-lady gaga

staring on fashion people.. :-p
details: black tank top-cotton on
stripes black & white loose tank top-cotton on
this is basic routine, check-check-check it out... huhu

details: grey blazer (random online boutique)
white tank top-cotton on

..it's been awhile i didn't take any good picture of myself..and today..having a sip of coffee..it's such a lucky day because i feel so much alive and young (i reckon) heheh...to posted my look of today on my blog..
other story is, i bought a ViVi magazine today, well i heart this magazine very2 much and by any chance, i must have it in my 'collection-of the-month'..now i got for APRIL 2010(now is JUNE already), well it is malaysia then, moreover..here in my state sarawak......always come-to-late for something like that..u can imagine how poor it is..
in any other way, i still enduring this kinda migrain thing..i donno wether or not this thing is migrain but i'm sick of it..barely to focus..
well, tomorow i'm going to pack my things for i'm going for my holiday trip..and hopefully this never-ending 'kinda migrain thing' will healed faster than ever..lord have mercy
somehow, i do hope u people anywhom..enjoy my blog.. xoxo

..last but not least, i am terribly and dying to see and watch this movie.. THE RUNAWAYS where's kristen stewart and dakota fanning will star in those..

these two just a perfect combo!
just love this pictures

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