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Sunday, June 27, 2010

back then in KL,last 11-14 june 2010

stripe top-mango
skirts-cotton on
vintage camel bag
neon green stiletoe
chill and relaxing

babe mucok....

a fine day and night out
with my lovely friends ;) thanks to u mykaela... for willing to spend your precious time on me ;)
for fetching me @ the airport, take me to movie day out, for a good food as well haha..and hopefully i can pay your good deeds myself in return
lucky me to have you as a friend dear...

again, my picture show a hundred times of this neon green colour stiletoe i've been wearing ;) too bad huh heheh..kinda like it tho
night out with my sis and her way too cute son
miss him so..
look at my nephew pose! lol...he's cute isn't he!!!! ;)
lord knows how i miss him so much!!!

FOR some reason, we call this statue "orang itam gaok"
as u can see here, PEACE pose from my nephew ;)
i donno what his pointing at.....
i miss my nephew!

denim shorts-random
audrey shirt-random
camel vintage bag
green neon shoes-luxury shoes online

camel vintage bag
denim vest-MNG
polka dot chiffon-random boutique
grey faded jeans-Topshop
ski-high leopardos wedges-luxury shoes online


  1. love the outfit posts
    really cool leopard wedges
    great blog!!


  2. I have no words, you are stunning!
    Love all of shoes, outfits, hair, make up...God
    You also have an adorable nephew!

  3. auntie amy i loveeee your denim shorts! i wish they had something similar like flared denim pants or whatever that suit a hijabi like me!!!

    (eksen speaking tek...apa sidak di atas tok speaking juak hihihi)

    -you know who

  4. thanks u all!!!
    what a pleasant to read all the constructive comment!

  5. I adore your yellow shoes!!!
    Awesome outfit post.