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Thursday, June 3, 2010

way to achieve my dream ;)

i woke up in this friday morning, ermm and still didnt realized its already friday... ;) and not doing anything except for blogging and writing here.. im not having anything for my stomach yet.. madness me! too bad huh..but its ok, i'll have my meal after this..cut it out now
in my recently activities, im just stalked and stare at every fashion blog..and guess what..there's many stunning photos i gained hehe...here some... ;)
and by the way, i find a new way how to style it like celeb but in budget way.. well keep following me heheh...

and here is my favourite picture ;)

he's simply erotic

anyway, my long lost photos hahah..not really long lost at all lol...its taken a couple of months


  1. you have put those celeb outfits perfectly together! like your outfit too!! x

  2. hey,
    thanks for the comment!! I'm glad you enjoy my blog :) I looked through yours a bit too & I love it so far!! especially your shoes...where are the neon yellow shoes from?! they're amazing

  3. loving all your celebrity picks AND can never get enough of pink!

  4. Some great little collages there i do something similar too.
    I love the pop of pink in your outfit.