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Sunday, June 6, 2010

giv me movie.....

again........im doing nothing today....just like yesterday and the day before...i just staying at home all day long...with my messy hair and dull face! im feeling like hippies now..lol (joke) by the way, i'm finished with 3movies today...it really movie marathon hahah

first movie to re-watch

second movie to re-watch

3rd movie re-watch today ;) kinda funny lol

...lazy-me huh..too bad..its been 2 days i am totaly just stayed at home and never been like this before..kinda lazy and couch potatoes all day long..and now blogging again..

and i found this picture, with this girl wearing a gladiator sandals...i realized this gladiator sandals begin to evovled back then in 2008...and the movie of gladiator itself was back in 2000...i wonder it takes too long to bring it in fashion scene (holy crap i begin to mumbling and talk like a fooled now..okay cut it out)
anyway, since i just stayed home for this whole 48hours, i didn't make it for snap a shot of myself..probably i will share a bit of my fashion scense later ;)... well stick around..chioaw

somehow,before i leave my blog for today, i wanna share a bit of style and outfit that i like..here's come the goddess...

most of it, i got via tumblr..already forgot what's the blog name again..my bad..but i love 10000xxxx all this photos a lot!
till then... XOXO