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Thursday, June 10, 2010

out and about......

stripe top- mango
denim short-mango
shoulder vintage bag
strappy sandal-online boutique

out with my niece..

she's my favourite hair dresser ;) anna-hair do salon Sarawak plaza

manage to get my hair done today, and then we just hang out after my regular routine which i have to fetch my sister(whom happened to take our beautiful pics) hehe
looking for place to hang

strike a pose ;)
who wants chili's...
clash of the fork...
sarcastic or cute face? laughing-out-loud
don't look at the camera!!!
hey you! yes you! hehehh..just wana say this... feel free to follow my blog..my bloglovin as well ;) and when you leave your precious comment..it's mean the world to me ;)
thank u...


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  2. love love love your shoes!

    xo nancy


  3. Lovely hair, so girly. Your hair dresser did an excellent job.
    Great outfit as well.

  4. Love the shoes they are awesome, I'm so jealous!

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