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Friday, May 28, 2010

besame..mucho....my red booties...

i like this picture!

im selling off my shoes ;)

this snake print stiletoe,kinda inspiration by armadillo shoes ;)
its only been worn in photoshoot about twice
still in very and super good condition

charles & keith brand, black colour, size 37, worn couple of times, in very good condition

even i donno whats the meaning for 'besame mucho' but i just like to hear that song!

I brought you something close to me,
Left for something you see though your here.
You haunt my dreams
There's nothing to do but believe,
Just believe.
Just breathe.

wearing my loose white shirt, its feels so cozy and this fav marvellous boots glam up the outfits..i just feel so alive ;) and not to mention, i just love red colours! anything that bright in colours...

here my fav vids ever! because i adore this olsen too much ;)

another day, outing with cuzzy

hubbybabelove...probably the meaning of 'besama mucho' heheh muahmuah baby!

inspiring....adore the beautiful in all of this picture

three of a kind!! i always wanted to look like im in this outfits!! adore FREJA!
catch up later..while i keep on dreaming to achieve my aim! i wanted to go to four season country! i need to do saving from now on! lol...
wish me luck fellow.. ;)


  1. I'm so happy that you have added my blog in your blogroll!I'm glad thay you like it very much!thanks for all!
    p.s you have amazing shoes!!!!!!!!!!


  2. love all your looks especially the first love the camel bag!!!! so vintage looking!!!

  3. super cute shoes! hot, especially the red pair and animal print.

    Stopped by your blog and I'm now following it, super cute. When you get a chance please check out mine and
    follow if you like it ( I hope you do ) ... : )