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Sunday, May 9, 2010

photo journal

my significant others ;)

this is an outfits during eid mubarak 2009 celebration.. speak of the 'baju raya' i prefer to wear for 'baju kurung' and im not really 'kebaya type' well hubby with his typical signature of hari raya outfits heheh... in the middle, our friends SON..a moment to remember ;) for god sake
my mom....my sporting mom... heheh..jum mak, tandak coppacaba! (my mom-on my left.. while on my right, that my sis)

....again,redboots the lovely red ones! i bought this one from jakarta,it cost me rm270 and the colours catch my eyes! enough to make the statement, I LOVE THIS BOOTS SINCE FOREVER! i always love JASPAL brands,how i wish in kuching(my place) they will built one someday! come on...don't be too harsh to kuching fashion scene, its not as lame as u think..still got me to buy them hahah!! kidding...chill & couching in this red hot sofa's...and not to mention the colours surround me seems as bright as my heart ;) ngomong sama tangan! :p

a picture that i took about a month ago..love this skirt and studded tops..and my never-ending vintage bag ;)

this is random pics of me

red riding hood...these boots are made for walking ;)

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