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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

enduring my gum-swollen

..here we go again! im blogging now,while im watching CSI;NY, today im doing my regular basis! fetch my sis at her work place,eventho im not feeling so well
due to long-walk..now my foot is killing me..i donno why, it doesnt like this before,perhaps the wedges i wore,maybe it was too long in my shoerack and not be worn thats why..hahah
i know im tough..i will get thru this foot-ache and not to mention this gum-swollen pain!!
as u can see here my face in this photos,really pale and dull,im goin out without any make up..kinda surprised huh! lol..it was due to my mood-swing.. plus,this celcom 3g! kinda pis-me-off..connection is very2 bad as hell!
alright,cut it out, here is my photo of my wedges that i wore today, i know its not really your adorable wedges,but i like them ;) and u might as well spot this my favourite tops of JASPAL, I DONNO, and i couldn't careless, i love wearing this tops again and again, and here my high waisted skirt which i bought at cotton on ;)... enjoy
thanks anyway for spending your precious time on my 'not really exciting blog' :p (tounge) and dont forget to leave your comment..i do appreciate it a lot,means the world to me...

P/S: the couple that i always adore...

bye now..chiaow!! mucas gracias...hasta la vista babe! wanna catch my beauty sleep that i already skip! OM..LORD!! i need to wake up early tomorow..im totaly madness now...where's my philosphy goes? 'early to bed-early to rise'...keeps the man healthy..wealthy and wise.. seems they already gone wrong :p
good night...good night...


  1. Fantastic outfit!
    Love everything!!

  2. Love the whole outfit, but I had a crash with your shoes. LOVE them.
    Stop by http://memyselfandshoes.blogspot.com

  3. Your skirt is gorgeous!