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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


this picture really can boost my confidence level!!!! ;)
....not really in good condition today, due to period pain..its my first day anyway opsss not really, it was yesterday,yeah its a big deal to me and quite bothering tho coz its limited my movements :( but then again i still 'very-well' to write in my blog, todays just rest and chill with sis..watching dvd+tit bits ermmm not planning to go anywhere tho...coz i freakin' lazy to get dress and go out..still endure the back pain, tho its actually i plan to go for movie night tonight!!! my hubby must be devastated for i dont wanna go for movie well indeed...i am lazy today :p
i browse miccaz blogshop just now..my eyes so into the leopard print jacket!! way too.....what-i-want!!!! ermm i must have them but still need to settle my bill first..GOSH!!!!! im already shop-till-drop! someone throw money for me rite now!!!! if only miccaz can hold it for me first it means the world to me haha..
now still early at night 8:57pm, my eyes feels like they wanna shut down now lol...honey lets make out! ouch..no no no..im in my periodddd...again..he devastated!
back then, i read some articles about DOLCE&GABBANA'S patchwork shoes and the picture of the shoes really catch me! i can't stop dreaming to owned it..owhhhh M G..so many things i wanna have now for god sake stop me from being this way!
anyway, i will 'blogging' later because rite now i wanna check on my email first, facebook likewise..my chictopia blog, my tumblr etc..k bye muah2 now u see now u dont heheh *wink*
i post this picture because i love this shoes..while on my left side, she's my collegue and she's sporting and easy going but she doesn't feel comfortable enough when we took this picture that she dont feel her attire look good..i never think so..because i supposed to think that it is our cultural attire and its not a crime hahah.. of course it will look goods in any other way (now i cannot stop mumbling)...

photo journal part 2

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  1. Just found out that you're a make up artist? No wonder your make up all so nice!! heh heh.

    Anyway pretty, I need your email so that I can invite you to lookbook. :D