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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hectic and super fatigue these days

can't hardly wait for this shoes reach my front door! ahaks... want it so bad!
how i wish i can be beautiful and gorgeous like GAL GADOT!!! adore her... you guys must watch her in THE BEAUTIFUL LIFE!! minus sara paxton lol (no offence)hehe
woke up this morning feeling a lit bit dizzy! because i sleep late last nite, and my eyes feeling like pop out! case closed!
...ermmm speak about yesterday, i wonder why people or person simply can be TWO FACE so awkward! they telling lies and get used to it, why i always meet people like this
sometimes i get fedup with people surround me their just like to act like they're not..thats why im scared to have any closed friends for the time being..so long! so long yesterday..come the new tomorow as time goes by i have faith in what i do i know theres still a better fortune left for me

so long yesterday..bye bye...as this photos pass u through..gone with the wind ;)
adore this sky-high wedges..

whoaaa.....since i've been attending this beauty class, my schedule seems quite PACK! unforgiven wife lol!
distracful to my teaching..due to exhausted
today, this evening i mush reached there at 3pm, and again today my model to be makeover is gonna be effa..sorry effa..to bother u.....just received message from effa.. she couldn't make it today... *sigh* again, today im going to be a people-seeker
planning to 'flight ticket purchase' today..i still donno wether i can make it there or not...

I MIS MY gremlin.......
nya duak tok buah hati pengarang jantung...translate: this two...my significant other

my inspiration of style ....agyness deyn

my favourite to wear nowadays!
accecories to my feet ;)

.........7:04pm aku baruk jak sampei rumah...huishh bengap aritok! ada gik nemu muka rompuan nok sik di rajin ku di sia..ermmmm bukan sebab apa pun ku sik rajin ngan nya...sebab nya macam, "jelousy.....turn the sand into the sea..." (nya seakan2 jeles bah pabila nya nangga aku...adalah nya molah tetak langsuir nya lah) lagu the killers ya tek..
aok, org nok di mekap oleh tutor kamekorg ari tok...huh..banyak nya komplen nya..and the worst is, paduhal nya tek sik follow makeup trend!!! hahahah lucuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu B-O-D-O-H!!! lucu2... nasib lah bukan aku yg mekap mukanya... kui..kui..kui.. anyway, i dont give a crap! neither i dont give a shit!
bodo na kaunter a/asia ya tadik... paloi! huishhhhhhh geram eh...dahlah bebulu aku nunggu di sia..alih2 tek, unavailable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mother-F................
pastok nak gi pasir pandak gik, agak nenek saudara bob ninggal...dah lah aku tok tengah ber-blog, mak mentua ku di belakang aku...mun nya tauk apa2 benda blog tok huh..hahahahh!!! mesti lah nya dont give a damn pun...dgn apa yg di taip aku tok hahah

1050pm...get home..here we go again..blogging and browsing...tho im sleepy like hell..i still can't let go my lovely macbook(she's consider my life) since my days depend on..and not to mention, my significant other.. my blackberry bold, never be apart with it, everywhere i go and everything i do..its always me and my BLACKBERRY BOLD! omg


i must go to bed, tomorrow i got things to catch up its 1154pm 6minutes more to go for it become tomorow and today became my history
how sad we leaving our youth behind

good night...good night....so long for tonight

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