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Monday, July 19, 2010

clear my mind with some camwhoring

so many things in my wishlist nowadays..i didn't realized at all,since when do i become a shopaholic..i really should stop those bad habits..i reckon its a bad habit anyway..
exactly, i dont think this denim blazer and denim hi-waist can co-operate together, indeed..surprisingly it looks cool though ;) as i consider for myself lol
in this post,again i'm with my 'fashion partner' my niece well we like to be 'camwhoring' to captured a moment,and when u get a little older,then u can refresh your past that's why i like to take photos..at the meantime i also like to share my fashion sense and what i am inspiring in..hope u enjoy
P/S: chioww, wanna check your chic and fabulous blogs... ;) XOXO
my crave in this moment

denim studded blazer
denim high waisted
angelina jolie printed tee's
vintage camel bags
sky-hi leopardos wedges